The Don and Lois Colton Academic Scholarship

The Don and Lois Colton Academic Scholarship Committee invites applications from close relatives of Don and Lois Colton for scholarships that reward excellence in academic performance during recently past semesters. The standard for excellence is a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale. The typical award is $100 per semester, $200 per calendar year. The money is paid directly to the applicant and can be used for anything.  Here is the fine print.

The email address to apply or ask questions is "".

1. You must be a niece, nephew, or child of Don and Lois Colton. (That is about 21 people. Sorry no spouses at this time.)

2. You must be attending college or other post-high school educational activity full-time (typically 12 credits).

3. The scholarship is for $100.00 per semester or quarter (at least 10 weeks long), limit two per year at this time. Terms may be combined to make a semester.

4. You can apply after the semester ends and you have your final grades.  The application deadline is three months after the semester ends.

5. You can apply by email (preferred) or regular postal mail.  A pdf file or jpg file can be sent as an attachment. Include the name you want the check made out to.  Include the address where you want the check mailed.  Include a newsy paragraph telling us what you are studying and where, and how you are progressing.  Include a copy of your report card or other evidence of your GPA for that semester.  Maybe even include a handsome photo so we remember what you look like.   A photocopy can be sent by regular mail.

This scholarship may or may not continue through the years, so apply now before we change our minds or run out of money.
Questions, Applications, Variances, etc. email us.

Love, Lois & Don